Mark Greenhill's Artworks 2016 - 2017


Janette Greenhill (1931-2015)

Oil on canvas 28" x 18" completed April 2017

The outdoors setting is by an evergreen oak tree somewhere in
the gallery of my mind at Eldorado. My approach to portraiture is to capture the spirit of my subject and if on completion I feel that the person is alive on canvas and 'in the room with me', only then I am happy.


The Iron Pot Lighthouse Tasmania 2017

Oil on Canvasboard 24" x 24"

Also known as the Derwent Lighthouse. It is Tasmania’s oldest lighthouse, and the second oldest in Australia.
The square tower was built in 1832 by convicts. The 11-metre (36 ft)-tall tower has a range of 11 nautical miles (20 km; 13 mi).[3]


Barrow Creek 2017


Oil on canvas board 28" x 18"

The building on the right is the original Barrow Creek Telegraph Station,
one of a number of repeater stations that transmitted morse code signals along a single strand of wire 3,200km long, from Adelaide to Darwin and via undersea cable linking Australia to the rest of the world. The system was completed in 1872 and was closed as late as 1993.


Oil on canvasboard 24" x 18" - completed February 2017.
 second interpretation of the picturesque Edith Falls, Nothern Territory Australia, one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  

The Australian Black Kite is the dominant bird of the region.
Flocks of them can be seen riding the thermals high in the sky at thousands of feet.

Oil on canvas board 14" x 20."

Completed December 2016.

The Australian white ibis' (Threskiornis moluccus) wing span measures over a metre wide, so they're quite impressive. During the mating season, the normally rosy pink flesh under the wing turns a bright crimson red, and this colour can be repeated in the skin pigmentation at the back of the head.


After heavy rains, the inspiration arose out of a visit to the Wangaratta Wetlands, NE Victoria. Presently due to a very wet winter, this graceful species is almost in plague proportions. I enjoy watching their behaviors as they forage and fly through the forest.



Oil on canvas board 16 x 20

Completed November, 2016 

A Bottle Nose and a Fraser's Dolphin I photographed from a cruise boat off the Southern Coast of Tasmania. What I found interesting was that the two species swim together quite socially in pods of a hundred or more. Although shot separately my painting brings them together for comparison. It is a composition of elements taken from 3 separate images.

Oil on canvasboard 24" X 16".

Completed October 2016

The inspiration was based upon images I took on Flinders Island,

one of the Furneaux Group islands of Tasmania.that lies in stormy Bass Strait

where huge breakers surge onto pristine sands, and seabirds skim the surf

in search of their prey. The featured bird is the Red-billed Caspian Tern.

Completed September, 2016.

Oil on canvasboard 24" x 16"

The breathtaking view from Panarang lookout
overlooks a patchwork quilt of golden canola and
drifting cloud shadows leading the eye west to merge
with the sky over the Warby Range NE Victoria Australia

Completed February 2016,

Oil on canvas board 9½" x 16" 

I am moved by reflections on tranquil waters. 

This from South Gippsland on the way to the Prom. 

Completed Febrary 2016,

Oil on canvas panel 12" X 10"

Inspired by an event at the Ballarat Rodeo, VIC.

at which this gallant rider was quickly dismissed. 

Bronco riding seems like a curious calling that appeals

to only the bravest and most foolhardy young buckjumpers.

Oil on canvasboard 24" x 16"

Completed: September 2016

A semi absract rendering of the evidently crocodile free swimming hole

at Edith Falls, NT, Australia where visitors cool off in 40C heat after a steep

30 minute trek to reach it. This work exploits the rich earth colours of the red

centre set against the vibrant ultramarine blue of a Northern Territory sky


Oil on canvasboard 12" x 16"

Completed March 2016

To the memory of She who walks by the river at sunrise. 

The Early Bird  Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, King River NE VIC.

Oil on canvasboard 16" x 20"

Completed April 2016 

Purple Swamp Hens take flight as the PB Flender Himmel paddles by

on the Murray River. I was taken by their purple plumage against autumn yellow.

Oil on canvasboard 16" x 20"

Completed June 2016

Foraging Jabirus silhouetted against a Kakadu sunset. 

Overhead a Great White Egret wings its way over the wetlands

into the gathering dusk - a profoundly beautiful moment.

Oil on canvasboard 16" x 20"

Completed June 2016.

A balloon launch at Wangaratta Airfield, 2014.  

On that day a dozen or more balloonists painted the sky with their

vibrant colours.I was fortunate enough to have been invited to go up in one 

Oil on canvasboard 16" x 20"

Completed June 2016  

The comb-crested jacana (Irediparra gallinacea),

also known as the lotus bird or lily trotter. Like other jacana species,

it is adapted to the floating vegetation of tropical freshwater wetlands.

Giant green lily pads with exqusite pink flowers hide watchful crocodiles lurking below.

Oil on canvasboard 12" x 16"

Completed February 2016

Grey Nurse" is one of only two flying Spitfires in Australia,

it is based at Temora Aviation Museum, NSW. I was lucky enough to be at Wangaratta airfield to watch it take off with a roar of gut-gripping power. 

This is my impression of the event based upon a photograph I took at the time.   

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